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“How do you reckon I should start?” I asked Tessa.

Tessa sat down, fixing me with those eyes that seemed much too old for her young face.

Were too old. She tilted her head to one side, and she said, “Just begin with your name.

Just begin with one word. That is how everything starts. The longest of journeys begins with that first, small step. The important thing is simply to decide in which direction you wish to walk.” She smiled, reached across and squeezed my hand. Then, she disappeared into the night.

I looked down at the faintly lined pages; stroking them lightly with the tips of my fingers.

Then, I took a deep breath and wrote, at the top of the page, my name.


Tessa has finally found Cat Connolly, only to discover she never wanted to be found. Cat is a Thyla now. She lives with Tessa’s clan. Tessa was the one who turned her.

And Cat doesn’t want to go back.

In the Thyla clan, Cat finally feels accepted, in a way that she never did in the human world. She doesn’t want to return to a place where she was an outcast and a “freak”. But all is not well among the Thylas. The new treaty with the Sarcos is causing tension. Cat’s friend, Delphi, is adding fuel to the fire with her suspicion that the Diemens may not be the true enemy. More bodies are being discovered. And Cat has made a discovery herself: a discovery about Tessa that threatens to tear the Thyla clan apart.

Then, into Cat’s life wanders a Vulpi – an English shapeshifter – and this meeting changes everything for Cat as she finds out more about shapeshifters and Diemens, and about her own heart.

Vulpi continues the true story of the history of Tasmania. It is a story of darkness, of convicts, of devils and tigers, of alchemy and of secrets that have been kept for centuries.

It is the story of how the shapeshifters were created, and a clue to what they might become. It is the story of what happened to Cat, and about the decisions we all must make as we learn how to be.


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  1. hi Kate i only finished Thyla today because my friend said i would love it. And I DID. I started to write a book a while ago but i keep changing what it’s about and i keep restarting it. Did that happen to you when you were writing your books? And can u suggest any tips for me?

  2. hi kate
    i have read thyla more than two times from the school libary and i love it it is an amazining book!!! i live in a very small town in sout australia and i havnt read the second book yet 🙁 and i havnt been able to find it in any book stores but i heard you have a third book coming as well??? and i totally think you should make a movie out of your amazing books…..
    yours sincerily billie

    1. Hi Billie,
      Thanks so very much for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you can’t find Vulpi at your local bookshop. Have you thought of asking the awesome people behind the counter to order it in for you? I’m sure they’d be really happy to! Book three is in the works, so hopefully that will be out to you in the not-too-distant future! And I’d love it if there was a movie of Thyla one day!!!
      Kate G xxx
      PS Living in a small town rocks!

      1. Hi Kate,
        I loved your books Thyla and Vulpi. They are amazing! I’ve read the first two books in the series and was wondering if Sarco and Diemen were published yet?

      2. i agree toatally i just finish reading Thyla and i only got it last week i found it on a shelf at school and i am only in year 7 when i started to read teh first 4 pages i didn’t wanna put it down i love but i just cant seem to find Vulpi anywhere any suggestions kate and i am from sydney hurstville.

        1. Hmm, Christina, My best suggestion, if you want the paper copy, is to check out the Random House website for a list of stockists. Or ask your friendly local bookshop person to order it in for you! I’m so glad you liked Thyla xxx

    1. Hi Adriana!
      Sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply – for some stupid reason your comments were spammed (gremlins!!!). The third book will be called Sarco (now see if you can guess who narrates it!!!). And a movie? That would be awesome! If you know of any good film-makers … :o)
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and sorry again for being so slack in replying!
      Kate xxx

  3. Hey Kate.
    I really really loved your books and i’m so excited that you are doing another one!!!
    It would be great if you actually do the movies.
    Hugs ‘n’ Kisses.

  4. I’m part way through Vulpi right now, and I have to say it’s rather impressive! I haven’t read Thyla yet, but once I finish Vulpi, I bet I’ll be looking for it!

  5. okay well i read Thyla and Vulpi today.
    i loved them. just have one small request…
    Write another one!?
    seriously, i couldn’t put them down, and when i did all i could think is “What happens next”

    1. Dear Angel Wolf,
      I’m so very happy you liked Thyla and Vulpi! It always makes my day to hear that!
      The third book is in progress, so hopefully you’ll have it soon!!!
      Thanks again for getting in touch.
      Kate G xxx

  6. hi kate i just finished reading your book Thyla it is great is vulpi out yet cause i am really looking foward to reading your book Vulpi and hope you publish lots more novels similar jennifer 🙂

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      I’m so happy you liked Thyla! Yes, Vulpi is out now. Hopefully It’s in your local bookshop. If not, ask for it! I’m sure they’d be happy to get it in for you. I really hope you love it!
      Kate G x

  7. Hi Kate I absolutely fell in love with ur book : tHyla. It was sooo good and the one thing I dont understand is is Tessa a werewolf or something else? Im really not sure. But I think the book was amazing I coudnt put it down I was actually read it in bout 3 hours then went back to my fave parts for another hr. So Good. Im so happy I came across the novel and I lovd the endiong of it how is it Perrin? anyway Perin and Tessa’s rea;lationship. I love romance books like that. I think ur a ewonderful writer and u sure do a good job keeping readers eyes stuck to the page. I cant wait til Vulpi comes out. Is there a certain time like date it comes out?

  8. I really loved your book Thyla and I can’t wait to read Vulpi! I noticed it says that Vulpi comes out in Feb but I was wondering if you knew the exact date that it is coming out? Unless of course it’s already out which would be great!

  9. Hi Kate,
    I’m currently living in NSW, and moving back to my home country in South America soon. I read your book almost a year ago, and at the end of last year in History, we were going through Australian history, and I was impressed at how I knew the basics for Tassie, then I realised, I knew these simple facts from your book! Yes I know that they are some facts mixed with fiction, but I just wanted to say, there aren’t many books that have or are based on Australian History (though I can’t be quite sure, because I haven’t really looked) but your book was amazing, taking facts and mixing it with fiction to create an amazing story! I could never tell what will happen next! Hours, was all it took me to read you book, but you took me in an amazing adventure, so well described that I bet I could go to Tassie and get a Deja Vu feeling through my whole trip!!!!

    1. Hi Rose,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! I’m absolutely thrilled you liked Thyla, and that it helped you at school! I really hope you can make it to Tassie one day, and visit the places in the books. The next book – Vulpi – is out in April. Hopefully you’re able to get your hands on it back home, and that you like it just as much as Thyla! Safe travels and thanks again for your kind words.
      KG x

  10. hiya i have read the book Thyla and i couldny put it down when i started i have finished it now tho 🙁 and now i cant wait to read Vulpi. im so excited and im going to buy it as soon as it comes out!.

  11. Hi Kate!
    I love Thyla, I read it the second time last night and finished it only and hour or two after starting! Its really well written, and I read some of your Blog Posts too. What you said about why you write for young readers was moving. I want to be like you when I grow up! Looking forward to Vulpi coming out,
    Em xoxo

  12. Hii,
    just wanted to tell you that im from NSW but could picture tassie the way you wrote. That’s just proof of how amazing a writer you are. Also I absolutely loved the novel and have read it about twenty times :S just to keep myself satisfied till Vulpi comes out… Never really thought an Aussie author could write so well so prop’s for your amazing skill.

    1. Hi Teri,
      Thanks for getting in touch! I’m absolutely thrilled you liked Thyla!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you’ll get a chance to come and visit Tassie sometime. It’s so beautiful down here – especially this time of year!
      Very much looking forward to Vulpi coming out next year and hearing what you think of it!
      Take care and happy reading!!
      Kate G x

  13. Hi ^_^

    You visited my school today (Fahan school).. I asked you afterwards about writer’s block and how to end a story I can’t finish.

    I haven’t read Thyla yet (although my best friend Sarah read Three Things About Daisy Blue), but after the extract you read today, I am definitely planning to as soon as possible!! (:

    I love your writing style~~ People have told me I am an amazing writer, but when put next to you I may as well be four years old! xD

    {R O S I E♥}

    1. Oh, Rosie, that’s so lovely but don’t put yourself down! Every writer thinks they’re terrible at some point – I bet even JK Rowling does! Have faith in yourself. “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough.” (Peter Pan). Kate G x

  14. Hi Kate,
    I got your book for my birthday and couldn’t put it down ( sorry teachers :)) it was great and i can’t wait for Vulpi to come out!
    I was just wondering if you had read any of Tamora Pierce’s books, for some reason i was thinking of them when i read Thyla. I live in Tassie and visited the Cascade female factory Last year so it’s great being able to visulise the settings. I love the Perrin / Tessa romance.
    also i was wondering if you could clear something up for me? i was wondering if Thylas are Thyalacine/Human hybrids and Sarcos Tassie Devil/ Human hybrids?
    okay looking back on that it’s really long – opps
    ~ Chloe

    1. Hi, Chloe,
      Tamora Pierce is one of my favourite authors ever! I was obsessed with Wild Magic growing up – probably where my fascination with all things shapeshifty began! I’m so glad you enjoyed Thyla. You’re spot on with the creatures and much more will be revealed in Vulpi. I’m starting to get very excited about its release! Can’t wait until March.
      Thanks for getting touch.
      KG x

  15. Hi Kate,

    Wow – what a GREAT book! I bought it for my daughter but read it first! I have written bits and pieces over the years and hoped someday to put them all together and create a story. Funnily enough I had set mine in Hobart and the School in it was called The Heritage School, but was set on Bellerive Bluff on the Eastern Shore with some sinister goings on also. I loved yours as Tasmania is the backdrop and we have so much unexplored potential for writers here. Shall have to try and have the patience to wait for Vulpi now! Many Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi, Mary,
      Tasmania is such rich fodder for paranormal stories, isn’t it? So much darkness and mystery in our history! Have you read The Butterfly Man by Heather Rose? Not a paranormal, but a brilliantly mysterious story set in Hobart. I am so glad you liked Thyla – I hope your daughter does as well!
      KG x

  16. Thyla is the best book I have read in a long time and I am very picky when I come to books. You are a fantastic writer
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  17. Hi, Thyla is such an amazing book! like many other readers, i could not put it down either… i read it for the school literacy thing and i was just wondering how many books are going to be in this series? i know vulpi is going to be release next february, but are there going to be more? 🙂 and also, how do you pronounce Thyla? because the book cover actually saids tHyLa… for some reasons? so it’ll be either pronounce as thy-la or T-hy-la..? Anyway i really enjoy reading thyla and im really really looking forward to Vulpi! 🙂

    1. Hi, Alice! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Thyla!
      There will be four books in the series – Thyla, Vulpi, Sarco and Diemen.
      You do pronounce thyla “thy-la” (as in thylacine). It’s just a fancy font on the cover!
      I hope you enjoy Vulpi just as much as Thyla.
      Have a great week!

  18. Hey Kate, i absolutely loved the first book, i just couldn’t put it down and i can’t wait for this one to come out!!!
    I’m curious to know how u first started and got your book published (secret writer in learning :P) and id love to learn how you did it yourself??

  19. Hey wassup Kate??
    I was wondering…
    What’s a Thyla?
    What’s a Sarco?
    What’s a Diemen?
    What’s a Thyla Clan?
    I don’t get what a Vulpi is?
    Does Connolly still like Cat?
    And finally, Is Rhinnah, Laurel and harriet Thyla’s?
    So many questions-I really love your books-I hope you can answer them all!
    Lily XOXOXO

    1. Dear Lily,
      I am so glad you are enjoying Thyla!
      And now I am going to be very mean and say that I can’t answer your questions! You just need to keep reading! And some of the answers won’t be revealed in this book, either (Thyla is the first of four books)!
      I hope you keep enjoying it!!!
      Kate G x

    2. Hi Kate,
      your right that is mean >:( but ill manage thanks for your help anyway. thyla really is a great book can’t wait till Vulpi comes out but…. I am look For:
      Three Things About Daisy Blue. Infact my dog is named daisy! 🙂
      Thanks love,

  20. Hi, thyla is awesome. I love the mystery and intrigue as the storyline slowly unfold to reveal the history behind the characters. I’m from Launceston tas so its great to read about local areas and history. I was actually buying another book when I picked thyla up and seen it was written by a local author so I put the other one back! I can’t wait for vulpi! Why does the release date have to be so far away? (Nearly every book I buy lately is a series and we are always made wait 12 months for the sequel, its frustrating – 6 months would be better lol). How many books ate going to be in the series of thyla? I hope you enjoy a long and prosperous career in writing and look forward to reading any further novels you write 🙂

    1. Dear Zela,
      Thank you so much! That’s really kind of you. I’m looking forward very much to Vulpi as well! And I understand the way you feel. There are so many series I’ve loved where I’ve been just DYING for the next instalment! And before I became an author, I really didn’t understand why it took so long either! Now, I know how many steps a book has to go through before it hits the shelves. It doesn’t mean I don’t still want the next Troubletwisters novel YESTERDAY, but it makes me a bit more sympathetic! Trust me, I’ll be counting down the weeks until Vulpi, too. We can be impatient together!
      Take care and thank you again for your wishes!!!
      Kate G x

  21. I just finished reading Thyla today and cannot wait until Vulpi – Come on Feb 2012.
    Thyla is an amazing book and had me hooked from the very first page.
    Thanks so much Kate Gordon for writing Thyla and for an amazing imagination.

  22. Thyla is one of the best books I have ever read; even better than Twilight (Well, in my opinion). We had to pick a book we wanted to read in English at school and I was about to walk out the library with a different one and I saw it in the corner of my eye and it looked intriguing so i decided to get it!; it was a great decision and I love how it is set in Tas <3 Your a great author and I hope they make the movie of it!!! Can't wait till Vulpi!!! ;D

    1. Hi, Jessie,
      Well, as a big Twilight fan, I’m amazed and delighted that you think Thyla is better!!! Thank you!
      I’d love it if it got made into a movie, too! Well, a girl can dream …
      Kate G xxx

  23. Hey Kate,
    Loved the book!! I can’t wait for the second one hope it’s as good as the first!! And I LOVED Vinnie [spoiler removed].


  24. I absolutely loved Thyla. It was a breath of fresh air and so different, but really great different. And being based in Australia and with our history and our animals it made me proud to be an Aussie. Its sad that i have’nt been to Tasmania yet im sure id love it. And i loved Tesse she was so real and i identified with her so well. All the characters were fantastic! And i loved the ending! Cant wait for more! Also after i finished reading i was so excited i told my cousin overseas but she couldnt find it so i sent her mine and she just finished reading it and it makes her want to visit Australia again! Do you know when theyl release thyla elsewhere in the world!

    1. Hi, Kathleen,
      Absolutely stoked that you loved Thyla! Thank you! You must come to Tassie sometime. It’s a special place! As for when Thyla comes out O/S, well … fingers crossed! It is available online overseas but not in bookshops! I’ve had a few lovely responses to it overseas, so maybe they’ll start a campaign!
      Thanks again for your message! Happy weekend!
      Kate G x

  25. i used Thyla as a home sick book while i was in italy. It was Great to see so many places that i know of mentioned in the book. It made me miss Hobart and Tassie a little less than i may be should.. But i cant wait for the next book 🙂

    1. I’m glad to hear it, Arianna (not the part about you being sick – the part about you enjoying Thyla!). I hope you enjoy Vulpi just as much. Are you still in Italy? If so, half your luck! It’s five degrees and pouring down here!
      Kate G x

      1. Thyla was amazing!!! Sooo good could NOT put iot down. when will Vulpi come out? I’m so excited!! Kate’s an amzing author, I would like to be as good as her if one of my books ever get published!! xx

        1. Hi, Stephanie. Wow! Thanks so much. I am so stoked you liked Thyla. Vulpi comes out next February. Fingers crossed you like it, too! Happy reading (and writing!!!).
          Kate G x

  26. Hi Kate

    I loved Thyla. I picked it up at a bookstore and it seemed interesting but I put it down when I saw it was set in Victoria, as I had read some books set in Australia that weren’t very good. A couple days later I saw it again and decided to buy it. Thank goodness I did – it was amazing! I couldn’t put it down and read it all in one day. Can’t wait until Vulpi comes out! x

    1. Hi, Victoria,
      Thank you so much for saying Thyla is awesome. I really, really appreciate it! And I hate having to say this to you, but the answers to your questions will be revealed as the series goes on and I don’t want to give away any spoilers!!! Can you wait until February to find out?
      Kate xxx

  27. Hi I was just wondering where did you get your idea for the front cover for thyla and what is it suppost of represent?:)

    1. Hi, Jasmine! I wish I could take credit for the cover. Unfortunately, I’m not that clever! The cover was designed by a super-talented artist called Christabella. It’s Tessa, in the bush, with her amber Thyla eye gazing out at you. It gives me the shivers, sometimes, looking at it! I hope you like it!

  28. Omg I just started the book thyla and I can’t put it down it is so good to read a book that is not based in America it just give it that special touch. Can’t wait for your next book.

    1. Hi, Victoria! So glad you liked Thyla! It always makes me so excited to hear people like the book, so thank you! The response to your question is a tricky one because, in Thyla, we don’t find out much about how humans become Thylas and Sarcos. All we know is that they are transformed after a bite from the creature they will become. Much, much more is revealed in Vulpi, though! I hope you can hang out until then to find out!
      Kate xxx

  29. Hi, i really enjoyed your book… at first i was a little confused because of how Tassy kept saying you when she was talking to Conolly, but i got the hang of it and it was great!!! Cant wait for your next book!

    1. Hi, Tiffany,
      I am so excited you liked Thyla! I’m really glad you were able to get the hang of the way Tessa talks to Connolly – I agree at first it might seem a bit confusing. Everything at the start of Thyla is a bit confusing because of how confused Tessa is! I’m glad you stuck with it. I hope you enjoy Vulpi just as much. Can’t wait to hear what you think when the book comes out!
      Kate xxx

  30. Kate

    What an amazing page turning book. Could not put it down. Having grew up in Tassie and now residing in QLD it was fantastic to read from a local author and to read about places that I used to visit. I can’t wait to read Vulpi and I have been recommending the book to all my friends.

    1. Hi, Natalie,
      Wow, thanks so much! That was my aim writing Thyla – to have a book in my favourite genre (paranormal) set in Tasmania. I love paranormal books, but I was longing to read one that wasn’t set in the US! Tassie has such a rich, dark, gothic history, I thought it would be a perfect setting. I really hope you enjoy Vulpi too, and thanks so much for spruiking the books to your mates!
      Kate x

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